The Department of Neurosciences is a community of
scholars whose work - individually and collaboratively -
seeks to transform understanding of the brain and mind
and creates new paradigms for knowing the human
condition and caring for it.

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Expanding knowledge of brain function
and improving treatment for
neurological disorders

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Collaborative multidisciplinary teams
delivering advanced treatment
for neurological disorders

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Mentoring the next generation of leaders
in neuroscience research and care

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Neuro News 

Early Brain Development in Autism

New study published in New England Journal of Medicine shows cortical layers are disrupted in pregnancy. 
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Making Headway on Glaucoma

Prof. Andrew Huberman is working with a team to find a way to restore vision in glaucoma patients.
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Lessons Learned in the Electric Brain

Grand Rounds speaker Michael Okun, MD, discusses deep brain stimulation.
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The Informatics of Brain Mapping

The On Our Mind series looks at strategies to create a cartograph of  the brain with USC's Art Toga.
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Groundbreaking study on Down 
Syndrome and Alzheimer's

Down syndrome biomarker initiative will shed light on brain aging in DS.
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screen shot with Patricial Churchland and William Mobley

Neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland was a hit on The Colbert Report, but before that she was interviewed by Neurosciences Chair William Mobley for our UCTV Brain Channel.

Watch a special presentation on Cortical Control of Speech Articulation by Dr. Kristofer Bouchard of UC San Francisco. 

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