The Department of Neurosciences is a community of
scholars whose work - individually and collaboratively -
seeks to transform understanding of the brain and mind
and creates new paradigms for knowing the human
condition and caring for it.

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Expanding knowledge of brain function
and improving treatment for
neurological disorders

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Collaborative multidisciplinary teams
delivering advanced treatment
for neurological disorders

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Mentoring the next generation of leaders
in neuroscience research and care

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Neuro News 

UCSD Teams Win Brain Initiative Grants

Many of our professors will get NIH grants for brain research.
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Parkinson's Drug Enters Phase III Trial

Irene Litvan, MD, will investigate Isradipine as a possible treatment.
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Research Sheds Light on Alpha-Synuclein

Subhojit Roy and colleagues find protein regulates neuronal communication by self-association.
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New Grant to Boost Early Autism Detection

Prof. Karen Pierce will expand on model beyond San Diego.
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UCSD Will be Site for MS Clinical Trials

Dr. Revere (Rip) Kinkel chairs steering committee for the OPT-UP study.
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Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's

How people with Down syndrome can lead to clues about Alzheimer's disease, on NPR with Drs. Michael Rafii and William Mobley.
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Our UCTV Brain Channel series on Alzheimer's disease continues with Professor Paul Aisen and Neurosciences Chair Bill Mobley discussing advancements in Alzheimer's clinical trials and detection tools.

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