Neurosciences Contacts

Central Department Address:
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0662

Contact Role 
William C. Mobley, MD, PhD
(858) 534-9434
CNCB room 100
Mail Code 0752
Professor and Chair of Neurosciences

Thomas Hemmen, MD, PhD
(858) 657-7190
E. Campus Office Bldg.,
Rm 3-001A; MC 0979
Fax: (858) 657-6788

Clinical Service Chief, Neurology
Susan Quay
(858) 534-9434  
CNCB room 101
Mail Code 0752
Assistant to the Chair, Dr. Mobley
Administration and Core Business Services
Shelley Herron
Content Manager 
(858) 534-1057  
Mail Code 0752 
Website content and development/Communications

News media contact:
Scott LaFee

Patty Camacho
(858) 534-8854  
IMG Bldg 1 room 117
Mail Code 0662

Department Business Officer (DBO)
Supervises academic personnel, computing/IT,
sponsored projects, staff HR, faculty comp,
SalPro & dept funds budget process, faculty PPS
actions; in dept. & clinical funds

Susan Sapia
(858) 822-5861
IMG Blg 1 room 113
Mail Code 0662
Assistant to the DBO
Business Office Administration Coordination
Express Card & Marketplace administrator, MSP contracts, academic timekeeping, certificates of insurance requests; HR assistant and faculty assistant to UCSD Drs. affiliated with VA Hospital, staff hiring and payroll; Faculty moves, assist with space management
Human Resources
Ellen Mathews
(858) 534-9546  
IMG Blg 1 room 118
Mail Code 0662
HR Staffing Manager
Sponsored Projects
AJ Calabrese
(858) 534-6016  
IMG Blg 1 room 116
Mail Code 0662
Sponsored Projects Manager
Proposal administration
Post-award financial reporting
Self-supporting recharge facilities
Judy Vo
(858) 534-8639
IMG Blg 1 room 123
Mail Code 0662
Fund Administrator

Marianna Meyer
IMG 1 Room 121

Proposal Administrator & Fund Administrator    

Anton Del Rosario
IMG 1 Room 122
Fund Administrator
Natalie Virissimo
IMG 1 Room 120
Fund Administrator
Department and clinical funds assistant
Budget process coordinator
Information Technology

John Widjaja
(858) 822-1428 (office)
(858) 997-6973 (cell)  
IMG Blg 1 room 125
Mail Code 0662

Director of IT Services
IT security
Department systems administration
Business and research application development
Melly Massie
(858) 534-8339  
IMG Blg 1 room 126
Mail Code 0662
Programmer Analyst
Business and research application development
Hardware and software support