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Our mission is to provide quality HD care, services, and education to patients, families, and community professionals; to increase awareness of HD in entire communities; and to conduct research contributing to future treatments or cures.

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ScienceDaily News 

  Outline bulletpoint iconResearchers identify link between birth defect, neurodegenerative diseases4/29/2017
 A new study has found a link between neurological birth defects in infants commonly found in pregnant women with diabetes and several neurodegenerativ...Read More

  Outline bulletpoint iconCellular quality control process could be Huntington's disease drug target4/29/2017
 The loss of motor function and mental acuity associated with Huntington's disease might be treatable by restoring a cellular quality control process, ...Read More

At Risk for HD Blog

  Outline bulletpoint iconPreparing for the meeting with Pope Francis, a heartening milestone in the Huntington’s disease movement4/9/2017
 Ever since I received the electrifying invitation to meet Pope Francis I, my adrenaline has not stopped flowing. I will be one of 50 credentialed gues...Read More

  Outline bulletpoint iconPope Francis I to meet with victims of Huntington’s disease, a first for a world leader3/13/2017
 In an unprecedented encounter, the first for any pope or world leader, Pope Francis I on May 18 will meet with Huntington’s disease sufferers at the V...Read More

  Outline bulletpoint iconStaying when the Chargers leave: a leading Huntington’s disease advocate sets a gutsy, loving example2/28/2017
 After the San Diego Chargers’ recently announced move to Los Angeles, team public relations director and Huntington’s disease advocate Bill Johnston m...Read More

HDBuzz News

  Outline bulletpoint iconHuntington's Disease Therapeutics Conference 2017 - Day 24/29/2017
 Day two of the conference looks at some of the most promising approaches to fighting Huntington's disease.Huntingtin lowering therapiesExciting se...Read More

  Outline bulletpoint iconHuntington's Disease Therapeutics Conference 2017 - Day 14/26/2017
 Hi everyone! It's the annual Huntington's Disease Therapeutics Conference in Malta. Around 350 scientists from round the world all working on ...Read More

Our Services 

Medical Services

The GHPP Clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of persons affected with HD. The team includes neurologists, a psychiatrist, clinical nurse specialist, neuropsychologists, a social worker, center coordinator, and dietician. Clinic visits include complementary scheduling for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallowing evaluations, mobility equipment referrals, and other recurring services.

Family and Caregiver Support

The HDCRC provides services that address issues relating to the care of someone with HD. Assistance may include: general information and referrals, providing education and educational materials, support groups, genetic counseling, placement issues, in-service trainings in care facilities upon request of family member or care facility.

Genetic Testing and Counseling

The HDCRC assists individuals at-risk for inheriting HD, who have made a decision to be tested or are contemplating being tested for the HD gene mutation. Individuals are screened and counseled for issues such as: ability to cope with positive or negative results, relationships with family and friends, insurance planning, marriage and/or family planning, legal issues, career decisions, and support system.

Professional and Community Outreach

The goals of our professional education program are to expose healthcare professionals, police officers, school counselors, social workers, and other community members to a multidisciplinary approach to the care and needs of HD patients, to broaden their perspective, and to make them aware of the problems in caring for patients with HD, which lie outside of their traditional fields. Consultation and educational opportunities are provided to community professionals caring for patients and families affected by HD.


The HDCRC is active in clinical HD research. Participants include those affected with HD, individuals at-risk for HD, family members or friends, and volunteer research subjects. Studies include clinical drug trials, observational trials, neuropsychological studies, and genetic research.

Our Center News 

UCSD Named Center of Excellence

UC San Diego is one of only 29 centers nationwide to receive prestigious designation, which recognizes centers for their elite multidisciplinary approach to Huntington's disease care and research.

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First Laquinimod Patient Enrolled

UC San Diego enrolls the world’s first patient in the LEGATO-HD trial, which explores an investigational multiple sclerosis drug for its potential to improve Huntington’s disease.

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Clinical Trials

Please contact Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD, at (858) 249-0568 or jcoreybloom@ucsd.edu to confirm clinical trial or study availability and/or to get further information about current trials or studies.

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