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Diagnosis can be difficult for non-movement disorder specialists. Our highly trained staff has a combination of experience and research that provides the skills necessary to aid in appropriate differentiation among these diseases.

 We provide a patient-centered approach to care that is designed to address each individual’s unique needs. Our broad spectrum of services includes:

  • Diagnostic evaluation and testing, including neurological exams, MRI and lab testing.
  • Rehabilitative assessment and services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and swallowing evaluation and therapy.
  • Evaluation and treatment of cognitive and emotional problems and an assessment of mental health.
  • Medication to improve symptoms and, if possible, slow progression of the disorder.
  • Surgical evaluation and treatments, when indicated.
  • Programming and reprogramming of deep brain stimulators.
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical studies examining new treatments for movement disorders.
  • Educational and outreach programs for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.
  • Information about what to expect about the disease and its progress, local resources and support groups to help manage stress.
  • A team of experts who are always available to answer your questions or will refer you to those who can.
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