The Department of Neurosciences is a community of
scholars whose work - individually and collaboratively -
seeks to transform understanding of the brain and mind
and creates new paradigms for knowing the human
condition and caring for it.

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Expanding knowledge of brain function
and improving treatment for
neurological disorders

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Collaborative multidisciplinary teams
delivering advanced treatment
for neurological disorders

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Mentoring the next generation of leaders
in neuroscience research and care

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Neuro News 

Connecting the Eyes and the Brain

Prof. Andy Huberman, PhD, and his team uncover proteins responsible for image stabilization.
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News From Our Autism Center

  • Brain imaging explains language ability
    in ASD. Read more
  • Researchers find blood-based measure for ASD risk in males. Read more


How Sense of Smell is Encoded in the Brain

Discovery may lead to understanding the root
cause of epileptic seizures.
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Neurosciences Chair Bill Mobley interviews VS Ramachandran, Director of UCSD's Center for Brain and Cognition as part of the UCTV Brain Channel's On Our Mind series.



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Neurological Disorders



Karten Elected to NAS Harvey Karten

Professor Emeritus Harvey Karten, PhD, has been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. Read more


Ravits Awarded Sheila Essey AwardJohn Ravits

Professor John Ravits, PhD, has been awarded with the prestigious Sheila Essey Award for ALS research. Read more


Gleeson Awarded Constance Lieber Prize

Dr Joseph Gleeson, MD, has won the Constance Lieber Prize for Innovation in Developmental Neuroscience. Read more

Evans Awarded Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr Sean Evans, MD, has won the Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award (2016-17).