Adult Down Syndrome Clinic

The occurrence of Alzheimer's disease among adults with Down syndrome causes much concern for their families and care providers. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease of the brain that affects all aspects of cognition, including memory, language and problem solving.

Research has found that all adults with Down syndrome over the age of 40 develop plaques and tangles in their brains similar to those seen in persons with Alzheimer's disease. Based on this information, many parents and professionals often conclude that all persons with Down syndrome will eventually develop Alzheimer's disease.

Our goal is to better understand if this is seen clinically, and if so, to understand how and why it happens, and to develop treatments to halt it. See the UC San Diego Down Syndrome Center for Research and Treatment.

What We Offer

UC San Diego serves as a regional resource for adults with Down syndrome and their families, caregivers, health care professionals, and others who share in our dedication to helping this population live happier and healthier lives.

Our multidisciplinary clinic, including neurology, psychiatry and neuropsychiatry, is designed to assess patients with Down syndrome who are declining in cognitive function and potentially developing dementia/Alzheimer's disease. We also provide definitive diagnosis and offer treatment, including access to clinical trials.

We use the latest technologies to identify the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, including brain imaging and cerebrospinal fluid analysis, as well as cognitive testing in adult patients with Down syndrome.

We also offer access to new therapies that are being developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease in these patients.

For information or to make an appointment, contact:

Adult Down Syndrome Center
UC San Diego Chancellor's Park
4510 Executive Drive
San Diego, CA 92121 
Phone: 858-657-8540 
Fax: 858-657-8557

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