Neurology Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB), Large Conference Room
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December 2016 Schedule

Date Title Speaker
12/2 Why Is It Bright?

Jonathan Bui, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Neurosciences

12/9 Primary Progressive Aphasia and Heterogeneity of Dementias
Marsel Mesulam, MD
Ruth Dunbar Davee Professor of Neuroscience and Neurology, Director, Cognitive Neurology & Alzheimer's Disease Center (CNADC)
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

12/16 Neuroinflammation in Parkinson Disease

David Standaert, MD, PhD
John N. Whitaker Professor and Chair of Neurology
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

12/23   Professor Rounds

Katie Longardner, UCSD Resident

Alexan Yerevanian, UCSD Resident

12/30 NO GR - Holiday Observance

2016 Long-term draft schedule (subject to change)




Jan 1
Jan 8
Neural Stem Cells for Spinal Cord Injury Mark Tuszynski, UCSD
Jan 15
The Pipeline in Headache with Emphasis on CGRP Alan Rapaport, UCLA
Jan 22
Genetics of essential Tremor: Quid Nunc? Peter Hedera, Vanderbilt
Jan 29
Advances in Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Tony Traboulsee, U of B.C.
Feb 5
Using Brain Waves to Control Your Environment Jerry Shih, Mayo Clinic
Feb 12
Recent Advances In Motor Recover Meheroz Rabadi, OU Medicine
Feb 19
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Michael Lobatz, Scripps
Feb 26
Deep Brain Stimulation for Refracting Movement Disorders Pratap Chand, SLUCare
Mar 4
AED Update Richard Mattson, Yale
Mar 11 A Hope for Patients with Intractable Migraine Hossein Ansari, UCSD
Mar 18
MR-Neurography in Amyloid Related Polyneuropathies Jennifer Kollmer, Heidelberg
Mar 25
Apr 1
Preclinical Exploration of Molecular Diagnositics and Therapies for AD Jerry Yang, UCSD
Apr 8
My Car, the Doctor   Matthew Rizzo, U of       Nebraska Medical Center
Apr 15
Cerebral Air Embolism Peter Witucki, UCSD
Apr 22
A Cardiology Perspective for the Neurologist John Hsu, UCSD
Apr 29
Cardiac Arrest: Who Dies, Who Survives and How? Sanjay Agarwal, Columbia
May 6
Value of Care for Patients Brain Tumor Leia Nghiemphu, UCLA
May 13 Can Neuro-ophthalmology Help Me Peter Savino, UCSD
May 20
Empowering the Brain Ned Sahin, Brain Power
May 27
Gene Therapy For Motor Neuron and Lysosomal Storage Diseases James Wilson, U of PA
June 3
Delirium in the ICU Jamie Labuzeta, UCSD
June 10
June 17
Cognitive Decline in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease     Beth Mormino, Harvard
June 24
Transverse Myelitis: Facing the Fallacies and Understanding a Syndrome Benjamin Greenberg, UT Southwestern
July 1
From WHO to HOW - Role of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease Willam Hu, Emory U SoM
July 8 New versus Old Antiepileptic Drugs in New Onset Epilepsy Samuel Wiebe, U of Calgary
July 15 Levodopa: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going John Nutt, OHSU
July 22
The Dynamic Complexity of Brain Tumor Stem Cells Jeremy Rich, Cleveland Clinic
July 29
A Systematic Search for Genetic Targets That Synergize with PI3 Kinase Inhibition in Glioblastoma Mikael Rinne, Harvard
Aug 5
The New Neurophysiology of Human Sleep Eric Halgren, UCSD
Aug 12
Magnetic Field Stimulation of the Labyrinth: An Update on Basic and Clinical Implications David Zee, Johns Hopkins
Aug 19
Assessment of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Burden Branko Huisa-Garate, UCSD
Aug 26
Professor Rounds - From Bed to Bench Katie Longardner & Andy Treister, UCSD
Sept 2 Genes, Environment, and Sex-Related Factors in MS and NMO Jennifer Graves, UCSF
Sept 9
Context Matters: Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Health in Transitions - A Focus on Care for Vulnerable Older Adults with Dementia Amy Kind, U of Wisconsin
Sept 16
Clinical Case Presentation: 62 Year Old Man With Progressive Vision and Hearing Loss Nathan Gaines & Jose Soria Lopez, UCSD
Sept 23
Sept 30
MRI Guided Surgery in Neuro-Oncology Clark Chen, UCSD
Oct 7
Oct 14
Musicians Dystonia: A Mysterious Disorder of Motor Control Steven Frucht, Mount Sinai
Oct 21
Professor Rounds Dillon Chen & Shawn Zardouz, UCSD
Oct 28
Interventional Pain Topics Jeffrey Chen, UCSD
Nov 4
Deep Phenotyping and the Search for Biomarkers in Chronic Daily Headache Robert Cowan, Stanford U
Nov 11
Nov 18 Potential for Exosome Therapy for Mitochondrial Disease Mark Tarnopolsky, UMDF
Nov 25
Dec 2 Why Is It Bright? Jonathan Bui, UCSD
Dec 9 Primary Progressive Aphasia and Heterogeneity of Dementias Marsel Mesulam, Northwestern 
Dec 16 Neuroinflammation in Parkinson Disease David Standaert, UAB
Dec 23 Professor Rounds Katie Longardner & Alexan Yerevanian, UCSD
Dec 30 NO GR - Holiday Observance