Jeffrey Gertsch 

Jeffrey H. Gertsch, MD 

Assistant Clinical Professor


Contact Information

402 Dickinson/MPF Room: 1-190

Fax: 619-543-5793


Mailing Address:
200 W. Arbor Drive # 8465
San Diego, CA 92103-8465 

Dr. Gertsch is a clinical neurologist with special expertise in neurophysiology. He will maintain an active clinical neurophysiology program at both UCSD Medical Center Hospitals. He is the Medical Director of Surgical Neurophysiology; and in addition specializes in the medical evaluation of seizures and epilepsy.

Dr. Gertsch began his education at UCSD with an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, graduating in May 1998. He also concurrently performed scholarly research in infectious diseases at the Salk Institute of Biosciences in La Jolla.

He spent a year at the Center for the Study of Neurological Disease in Honolulu before initiating Medical School at the University of Hawaii, John A Burns School of Medicine in August of 1999. Dr. Gertsch established his current area of research interest shortly thereafter as one of a handful of international researchers dedicated to the study of clinical aspects of neurological disease at high altitude. He has since that time traveled regularly to the Mt. Everest region of the Himalayas to study neurological illnesses at altitude.

He went on to receive his Medical Doctorate in May 2003. Dr. Gertsch continued his training in the neurosciences as a resident in clinical neurology at the Stanford University Medical Center. He discovered neurophysiology and began to focus on surgical aspects of neurophysiology, electroencephalography (EEG), and epilepsy before graduating in June of 2007. He went on to conduct advanced training as a fellow in clinical neurophysiology at UCLA.

He graduated in June 2008 from UCLA before being recruited to establish a surgical neurophysiology program at UCSD. Dr. Gertsch is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. Dr. Gertsch dedicates the majority of his time to patient care and is committed to excellence in all aspects of clinical care, teaching and research.

Dr. Gertsch spends the majority of his clinical time at the Hillcrest and Jacobs Medical Center locations where he attends and sees patients on a weekly basis in the areas of sleep medicine, epilepsy, and general neurology. He also attends in surgical neurophysiology where he spends the majority of his time. This program is a novel program that emphasizes clinical support for surgical complications and standard perioperative patient evaluations.

Dr. Gertsch is also available for ICU Monitoring and is already in demand with requests for continuous EEG on the inpatient wards and a request from the ICU to monitor a pentobarbital coma.

Related to his clinical activities, Dr. Gertsch is beginning to conduct research in surgical neurophysiology. He will be involved in a major trial testing the feasibility of lowering the wait time in receiving surgery for persons with recent stroke and newly discovered carotid stenosis. He is also conducting research with the UCSD Bariatric Surgery Program to set up a safe perioperative algorithm for the management of bariatric patients who may have undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea.

A major area of research for Dr. Gertsch is in high altitude neurology, for which he is currently drafting several manuscripts in various phases of development. Research is conducted at the Himalayan high-volume clinical research site, and is considered the most successful in the world.

Currently, Dr. Gertsch’s research has resulted in two works in progress submitted to refereed journal articles, and is expected to produce 3 more manuscripts in the near future. Most of our junior level research-focused faculty have published 0-2 refereed articles at their first review. Dr. Gertsch is in the clinical series, but has already established a strong research focus that is yielding valuable data.

2007 Medical Student's Neurology Teaching Award
  Stanford Department of Neurology
2004 Resident's Award for First Place Poster
  American College of Physicians - Arizona Fall Chapter Meeting
2003 Brodsky Memorial Award in Pulmonary Medicine
  John A. Burns School of Medicine
2003 Dean's Award for Research Presentation - Medical Student Division
  John A. Burns School of Medicine
2001 Outstanding Research Achievement As A Student Hypoxia Researcher
  12th International Hypoxia Symposium