Simone Benassi - A native of Brazil, Simone earned her BS in Biomedical Sciences and PhD in Neurosciences from the Federal University of Sao Paulo. After moving to the US, she became a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA's School of Medicine, Neurology Dept. and worked subsequently as a clinical trials researcher following her fellowship. Now she very generously volunteers her time to our lab for the purpose of furthering our goal of assisting ASD families.

Michael Gramlich - Applications programmer attending Palomar Community College.

Gilead Cosman - An intern programmer working under the Neurogaming Center funded by UCSD's Qualcomm Institute.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Wen-hsuan Chan - Postdoc in Cognitive Sciences. Processes and analyzes EEG data from typically developing and ASD participants.

Graduate Students

Irina Potapova - A student of the Joint Doctoral Program in Language & Communicative Disorders at SDSU and UCSD. Member of the National Student Speech Language Association. In the lab, uses eyetracking to measure attention during the learning of novel words in children of both typical and atypical development.


Hanna Balcha - A recent graduate of the Neuroscience at Dartmouth College, and member of the women's squash team, with the intention of applying to medical school.

Diego Gomes - A recent graduate of Neurosciences and Cognitive Science at UCSD, with the goal of pursuing graduate school abroad. In the lab, Diego is studying the effects of neurofeedback training on reducing anxiety through video games. Diego currently also works as an ABA therapist.

Ryan Spence - A recent graduate of Physiology and Neurosciences at UCSD, with the intention of attending medical school. In the lab, studies social interaction with a novel toy and a robot named CARBO (short for caretaker robot) over repeated sessions with ASD kids.

McKenna Wade - A senior in Biology at the University of San Diego and member of the Student Honors Program. In the lab, McKenna studies eyetracking-based vision therapy cerebral palsy, as well as data analysis of eyetracking in ASD.

Iscah Yau - A junior in the Psychology program at UCSD and secretary of Psy Chi. In the lab, Iscah works to develop objective measures to study movement in ASD. She also is training to administer diagnostic assessments in pursuit of a career in Clinical Psychology

Josh Kemp - A sophomore at CSU San Marcos, Josh assists in programming video games for use in training visual attention for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.