Recent and Upcoming Demonstrations:
  • Zeiss 880 confocal with FAST Airyscan - long term demo
System is installed in room 009A, and available for a long term demonstration period.
The microscope is capable of super resolution imaging and fast aquisition
  • Zeiss Z.1 Light sheet demonstration Oct. 13-21
  • Leica SP8 confocal and Light sheet demonstration Oct. 13-21
Recent Additions:

Future Directions

  • Increase the instrumentation and technology available to UCSD Neuroscience researchers in the field of microscopy
  • Applying for a renewal of the P30 NINDS grant NS047101
  • Future instrument considerations are Light Sheet Microscopy and Zeiss 880 Confocal with AiryScan super resolution, and Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet
  • Expand our capabilities with Correlative Microscopy and Correlative Array Tomography