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Microscopy Core Members

NINDS P30 Core Grant (P30NS047101) provides subsidy to labs with an R01 NINDS grant. Labs do not need to be a P30 member to use the Core. If you have an NINDS R01, contact us so you may be added to the P30 members list.

Current Members

P30 Core Members



Supported By

Binhai Zheng P30 Principal Investigator R01NS093055
Susan Ackerman Major User R01NS094637
Brenda Bloodgood Major User DP2NS097029
Nigel Calcutt Major User R01NS081082
Wendy Campana Major User R01NS097590
Andrew Chisholm Major User R01NS093588
Don Cleveland Major User R01NS027036
Richard Daneman Major User R01NS091281
Paula Desplats Major User R01NS092803
Jiang Du Major User R01NS092650
Davide Dulcis Major User R01NS057690
Mark Ellisman Major User R01NS027177
Frank Furnari Major User R01NS080939
Mark Ginsberg Major User P01NS092521
Christopher Glass Major User R01NS096170
Joseph Gleeson Major User R01NS083823, R01NS048453, R01NS098004
Bruce Hamilton Major User R01NS097534
Thomas Hnasko Major User R01NS106822
Vivian Hook Major User R01NS094597
Yishi Jin Major User R01NS035546, R01NS093588
William Joiner Major User R01NS072431
David Kleinfeld Major User R01NS058668, U01NS090595
Takaki Komiyama Major User R01NS091010
Edward Koo Major User R01NS084324
Stefan Leutgeb Major User R01NS086947
Jonathan Lin Major User R01NS088485
Yury Miller Major User R01NS102432
Paul Mischel Major User R01NS073831
William Mobley Major User P01NS092525
John Ravits Major User R01NS088578
Jeremy Rich Major User R01NS087913, R01089272
Michael Rosenfeld Major User R01NS093066
Subhojit Roy Major User R01NS075233, R01NS111978
Christina Sigurdson Major User R01NS076896, R01NS069566
Stephen Spector Major User R01NS084912
Nicholas Spitzer Major User R01NS057690, R01NS015918
Mark Tuszynski Major User R01NS042291
Jing Wang Major User R01NS109401
Eugene Yeo Major User R01NS103172
Yimin Zou Major User R01NS047484

Center for Network Medicine Members


Soumita Das
Stephanie Fraley
Pradipta Ghosh
Yingxiao Wang
Jin Zhang

All publications generated utilizing our resources must cite our grant:

NINDS P30NS047101