DeltaVision RT Deconvolution Microscope

What it's good for

- Generating multi-color 3D fluorescent images of high resolution
- 4 fluorescent colors plus a high contrast black and white DIC channel 
- Fixed cells or sections on a slide with a coverslip (#1.5)
- Live cells in a coverslip bottom chamber or dish (#1.5)
- Cells in culture can be kept at 37 degrees with 5% CO2 
- Multi-point time-lapse and panel acquisition

What it's NOT good for

- Thick tissue (>50 microns)  
- Rapid timelapse
- Large travel distance

Prnciples of operation

Fluorescent light from a mercury lamp is filtered for excitation and emission. System eliminates out of focus light by calculations AFTER acquisition, producing sharper, brighter images.

Technical Information

- Microscope Base: Olympus IX70
- Incubation with CO2 (Solent)
- 4 fluorescent color channels and DIC:
- Texas Red
- Cy-5
- Motorized X-Y-Z-T capability for live cell imaging
- Microscope objectives
- 10x (.30 NA)
- 20x (.70 NA)
- 40x (1.30 NA)
- 60x (1.40 NA)
- 100x (1.40 NA)

Room 003D

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