Gatan 3View / Zeiss Sigma VP Electron Microscope

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This system is capable of performing the following techniques:

Principles of operation

Serial block face scanning electron microscopy generates EM resolution 3D images. The system has an ultramicrotome inside the chamber of the SEM, which allows for automatic cutting of a tissue block. The surface of the block is imaged by detection of back-scattered electrons and then a thin section (30-50nm) is cut from the block face. The sample block is then imaged again and a sequence of images can be compiled automatically.

For more information, or access to this technology, please contact Jennifer Santini.

Gatan Serial Block Face Sectioning publications

Serial Block Face Application Note

Probes for Correlative EM:
Colloidal Gold w/wo silver enhancement
En bloc autofluorescence/stains (acridine orange)
Fluorescent Proteins (LR White and LR Gold)
LR White section surface immunofluorescence (Array Tomography)

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Developing Neural Circuit in 3D at Nanoscale Resolution

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