Hamamatsu Nanozoomer 2.0HT Slide Scanner

What it's good for

- Generating brightfield and multi-color fluorescent images of entire slides or 
tissue sections automatically
- 3 fluorescent colors 
- Fixed cells or sections on a standard 1 x 3 slide with a coverslip (#1.5)
- Can scan up to 210 slides automatically

What it's NOT good for

- Thick tissue slices
- Timelapse

Principles of operation

Fluorescent light from a mercury lamp is filtered for excitation and emission or brighfield light produce an image by scanning specified areas of a slide to generate montage reconstructions.

Technical Information

- 3 fluorescent color channels and brightfield:
- Texas Red
- Motorized X-Y capability for slide scanning
- Microscope objective:
- 20x (.75 NA)

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For Slides preparations:

No frosted glass

No beveled edges of any kind on the slides

No label hanging off edge or extra mounting medium on edges

No wet slides - must be completely dry

Use #1 coverslips

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