Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal with FAST Airyscan

What it’s good for

- High resolution imaging at 1.7x resolution increase over standard confocal imaging
- High acquisition speed, at 4x faster acquisition than confocal mode
- High sensitivity with use of special detectors
- Shuttle and Find capability to merge light and electron microscopy techniques for Correlative Microscopy
- Acquisition of up to 3 color channels simultaneously
- Acquisition of multiple channels sequentially
- Acquisition of a high contrast DIC image
- Fixed cells or tissues on a slide with a coverslip (#1.5)
- Live cells, small organisms or tissues in a chamber or dish with a coverslip bottom (#1.5)
- Spectral Deconvolution to correct for overlapping signals
- Calcium Dynamics
- Stimulus and bleaching applications

What it’s not good for

- Live animal imaging (large animals such as mouse)

Principles of operation

Laser light of specific wavelengths is scanned across the sample and filtered before detection to produce a high resolution image composed of a small optical slice of the sample. Alternative detection at high resolution and sensitivity avoids discrimination of light with a pinhole, and utliizes a 32 detector array that can generate higher resolution images by detection of specific airy units.

Technical Information

- Microscope: Ziess Observer inverted stand
- Incubated with CO2
- DIC channel
- laser lines
- 405
- 458
- 488
- 515
- 543
- 594
- 633