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  • Dr. William Mobley comments on the Down Syndrome Biomarkers Initiative, one of the studies mentioned above. See the article.
  • Dr. William Mobley is quoted in this provocative piece about Down syndrome research in the New York Times Magazine.
  • Check out this Alzforum presentation on Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome with Drs. Bill Mobley and Mike Rafii along with other top researchers.
  • Read a news release announcing our center.
  • Read an article by William Mobley about the connection between Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease in the San Diego Union Tribune.
  • Read a UC San Diego news release: "Cognitive Dysfunction Reversed in Mouse Model of Down Syndrome."
  • Watch a video discussion with William Mobley and Steve Wagner about Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Watch a video on UCSD-TV with William Mobley on the translation gap and his research on Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.