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About Our Center

Our multi-institutional group of PhD and MD researchers are focused on:

  • Identifying the causes of ALS and the mechanisms that lead to premature death of motor neurons
  • Devising and testing potential therapeutic approaches
  • Translating our research efforts into clinical trials for patients with ALS

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Clinical Trials

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graphic  of a human brain with the entorhinal cortex highlighted

ALS Treatment Program

Learn more about treatment for ALS – Lou Gehrig's Disease – at UC San Diego. We have the most comprehensive ALS Program in San Diego, and we are an ALS Association Certified Treatment Center of Excellence.

About the Program

Ice Bucket Challenge

Watch our ALS Center team members drench the CEO of UC San Diego’s Health System and the Vice Chancellor and Dean of UC San Diego’s School of Medicine, for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Read how the Ice Bucket Challenge dramatically accelerated the fight against ALS, in an ALS Association press release.

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Support Our Work

Private donations help us continue provide comprehensive treatment while advancing therapies and working toward a cure for ALS. Learn more about ALS.

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