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Giving Opportunities

The UC San Diego Center for Neural Repair is already on the leading edge in finding potential treatments for neurological disorders. Private support to the center is essential to accelerate this important research which promises to bring new therapies that will have a global impact.

Specific giving opportunities include:

Alzheimer’s Disease Research

As we battle this debilitating disease which claims the lives of thousands each year, your support will expedite the translation of research in the lab to effective treatments for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

Give to Alzheimer's Disease Research

Spinal Cord Injury Research

It is estimated that there are currently more than 250,000 Americans suffering from paralysis due to severe spinal cord injuries. Our research is driven to improve the function of paralyzed patients and private gifts are extremely important in achieving this goal. Click on the icon below to support spinal cord injury research at UC San Diego.

Give to Spinal Cord Injury Research

Contact Information

Stephen M. Hawthorne
Senior Director of Development
Health Sciences Advancement
(720) 552-4814