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News & Events

01/01/20 — Former postdoc fellow Dr. Meifan (Amy) Chen starts her own lab at the University of Kentucky. Congratulations, Amy!!!

07/01/19 — Carmine Chavez-Martinez joins the lab as a Ph.D. student.

05/01/19Dr. Daniel Romaus-Sanjurjo joins from University of Santiago de Compostela.

01/15/19 — Dr. Joshua Sanchez joins from the Milligan lab at the University of New Mexico.

05/01/18 — Junmi Saikia joins the lab as an MD/Ph.D. student.

04/27/18 — Jess successfully defended her thesis focusing on neuron intrinsic and extrinsic control of axon sprouting after CNS injury. See pictures.

03/27/18 — Amy's paper on LZK (MAP3K13) in astrocyte reactivity is now published in Cell Reports. See the blog post from UC San Diego Health. This was a collaboration with Yishi Jin's lab at UC San Diego and Mark Goldberg's lab at UT Southwestern.

03/01/18 — Dr. Jae Mun Kim joins the lab after defending his Ph.D. dissertation at the Knowles lab at USC.

11/13/17 — Mini-Symposium "In vivo Imaging of CNS Injury and Disease" co-organized by Dr. Binhai Zheng (UCSD) and Dr. Katerina Akassoglou (UCSF) is well attended at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C. See summary article on the mini-symposium published in Journal of Neuroscience.

04/27/17 — Cedric will join Texas A&M as a a tenure-track assistant professor. Congrats, Cedric!!!

04/11/17 — The 2017 San Diego Spinal Cord Injury and Repair Symposium held at UCSD Faculty Club (sponsored by Paralyzed Veterans of America). See pictures.

10/19/16 — Jess' preview article on the synaptic stabilization hypothesis of CNS axon regeneration comes out in Neuron.

10/17/16 — The 2016 UCSD Neural Injury and Regeneration Symposium. See program and pictures.

09/07/16 — Amy heads for UT Southwestern Dallas.