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Guidelines & Protocols


AHA Guidelines for Cerebral Venous Thrombosis 2024 (PDF) 

AHA Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care 2023 Perman et al (PDF)

AHA Ischemic Stroke Guidelines 2019 Powers et al (PDF)

AHA SAH Guidelines 2023 (PDF)

ESICM Prognostication Post Cardiac Arrest 2021 (PDF)

ESICM Post Cardiac Arrest Care Guidelines 2021 (PDF)

Hirsch 2024 AHA Consensus Statement Post Cardiac Arrest Care (PDF)

NCS Antithrombotic Reversal Guideline 2016 (PDF)

NCS Emergency Neurologic Life Support (ENLS) protocols (Coma, ICP, Airway, Post Cardiac Arrest, Acute Weakness, Ischemic Stroke, ICH, SAH, Spinal Cord Compression, TBI, Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury, Status Epilepticus, Meningitis and Encephalitis)

NCS Guidelines for Neuroprognostication in Adult ICH 2023 (PDF)

NCS Guidelines for Neuroprognostication in Adult SCI 2023 (PDF)

NCS Guidelines for Prognostication in Mod-Severe TBI 2024 (PDF)

NCS Guidelines for Seizure Ppx in Mod-Severe TBI 2024 (PDF)

NCS Management of Large Hemispheric Infarction 2015 (PDF)

NCS Neuroprognostication Guidelines GBS 2023 (PDF)

NCS Neuroprognostication in Comatose Survivors of Cardiac Arrest 2023 (PDF)

NCS SAH Guidelines 2023 (PDF)

NCS Status Epilepticus Guideline 2012 (PDF)

NCS VTE Pppx Guidelines 2015 (PDF)


Neurocritical Care (NCC)

UCSD Stroke Code Guidelines and Protocols (Pulse) (AD login required) includes UCSD anticoagulation reversal guidelines

UCSD Brain Code Guideline for Nontrauma Patients 7.5.21 (.docx)

UCSD Status Epilepticus Guideline 3.15.22 (PDF)

UCSD ICH First 5 Min 7-6-22 (.docx)