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Neurocritical Care Resident On Call Tips

1) After signout

After you get signout, the first thing you should do (unless you have an emergent consult to go see), is go see all the NCC patients to know their exam and make sure they’re stable.

Let the RN see your face so they know who’s on call for the night.

2) Evening rounds

Evening rounds are expected to take 10-20 minutes.

You are expected ~8pm to grab numbers and see all the patients, and run the list with the attending (like you do in the afternoon, except it is over the phone).

It is highly recommended to have the charge nurse join you if they have time, and run the list with a WOW at the bedside with the fellow/attending on speakerphone, so the nurses can see you on the unit and ask questions at that time.

3) Touch base

You are expected to look at the NCC patients and their numbers, and touch base with nurses every 2–4 hours, depending on the patients' acuity. This prevents unexpected patient decompensation and ensures nurses feel supported on the unit.

If you are going to leave the unit to go to sleep, touch base with the nurses/charge nurse to tell them you’re going to get some sleep and when you will be back, so they can have all their questions answered, and hold non-urgent issues until you are back.