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Subjective Cognitive Decline (In English and Spanish)

Study Name Subjective Cognitive Decline
Principal Investigator(s) Zvinka Zlatar, Ph.D.
Required Diagnosis Normal Cognition, Mild Cognitive Impairment and must self-identify as Hispanic or Latino/a/x; study partner required for all visits (study partner does not have to be Hispanic or Latino).
Age ​60+
Length ​Annual appointment for 3 yrs; each apt. 45 mins (added to longitudinal study or remote).
Lumbar Puncture ​No
Amyloid PET No
Tau PET No
Compensation $40 for participant and $25 for study partner for each visit up to 3 visits

Rosa Gutierrez 

For More Information

Study flyer English (PDF)

Study flyer Spanish (PDF)