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Welcome to the ACE's Webinar Collection

Eye Tracking Toddlers With and Without Developmental Disorders

November 11, 2020
See Dr. Karen Pierce's presentation on eye-tracking research in children with autism.
For more information about eye-tracking equipment, go to


SPARK — The Largest Autism Genetic Study Ever!

September 24, 2020
See Dr. Karen Pierce's presentation on SPARK and how families can receive genetic testing at NO COST!

SPARK Webinar FAQs

Q: If only one biological parent is available, can me and my child still participate?
A: Yes, you can participate even if only one parent is available.

Q: If I am an adoptive parent, can my child with autism still participate?
A: Yes, please reach out to your local coordinator for more details.

Q: If I have another child without a diagnosis of autism, will they be able to provide a sample?
A: Yes, if one of your children has formal diagnosis, a sibling without autism will be able to contribute a sample.

Q: If I have child that is suspected on the autism spectrum, will my family be able to participate in SPARK?
A: This study requires one child to have a formal diagnosis of autism.

For more frequently asked questions, visit SPARK FAQs.