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UCSD's HD Center of Excellence is Enrolling participants in SAGE Therapeutic's DIMENSION-HD for Cognition

Within the last six months UC San Diego's Clinical Trial team has recruited nearly a dozen participants for the DIMENSION-HD trial! Piloted by SAGE Therapeutics, DIMENSION-HD is a double-blind, placebo controlled study investigating the safety and efficacy of the compound SAGE-718. This compound is a novel NMDA-receptor agonist which is a method the community hopes will lead to improvement in cognitive functionality in mildly impaired HD participants. The study recruitment is still open, so if you or a loved one are between the ages of 18 and 65 and believe that you may be experiencing mild cognitive impairment, please reach out to the main study coordinator, Anna Smirnova , at (858) 249-0569. 


UCSD Center of Excellence is Enrolling Participants for our KINECT-HD2 Neurocrine Study

Our site is currently looking for participants to enroll in our Neurocrine KINECT-HD2  study which is investigating the efficacy of the drug Valbenazine to reduce HD associated chorea. Valbenazine has been studied and approved by the FDA to treat tardive diskynesia but is undergoing further review to ensure its safety in Huntington's patients. The study is done over a 4 month period where we will be tracking  dosing as well as cognitive and motoric progression after starting the medication. If you're interested in finding out if you qualify for this clinical trial please reach out to the main study coordinator, Braden Culbert, at (858) 249-0568.

Prilenia's PROOF-HD Completed at UCSD HD Research Center

Prilenia Therapeutics' PROOF-HD phase 3 clinical trial has completed its Double Blind Treatment phase here at UC San Diego's CoE. The PROOF-HD study aims to study the efficacy of the drug Pridopidine to confirm previous findings that pridopidine demonstrated maintenance of functional capacity in early HD patients. If the trial meets its predetermined clinical end points, Prilenia may try to put the drug to market quickly after the conclusion of the study. We're so excited to be able to see how the trial drug preformed as topline results will be released in the coming months. Many participants have already begun the Open-Label Extension of the study and will continue to provide valuable insights into the long-term exposure of Pridopidine in HD. Thank you to all of the participants who joined the study and have made and continue to make many sacrifices to be apart of this research endeavor! 

UC San Diego HD CoE Completed the Triplet Study 

SHIELD-HD has come to an end! The nearly two year long observational study investigated how HD progresses over time. Near the end of the study, The Cure Huntington's Disease Initiative (CHDI) took over sponsorship from Triplet Therapeutics. This, however, was done to maximize the potential benefit of the data that had been collected throughout the study. CHDI, the same organization that pilots the Enroll-HD study, has pledged to use the extremely valuable data collected during SHIELD-HD to enrich other research projects already underway!  Thank you to our study participants for your dedication, sacrifice, and bravery! 


UCSD Named Center of Excellence

UC San Diego is one of 56 centers nationwide to receive the prestigious designation of Center of Excellence by the Huntington's Disease Society of America, which recognizes centers for their elite multidisciplinary approach to Huntington’s disease care and research. This is the 19th consecutive year that UCSD has earned the HDSA Center of Excellence designation.

 The HDCRC is on Social Media!

UCSD Huntington's Disease Clinical Research Center is on Twitter! We are entering a new phase here at the HDCRC that will enable us to engage more with the HD Community! Be on the lookout for new social media updates. And don't forget to join our mailing list to receive updates directly to your inbox!

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