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Residents have about 8 months of elective time during their training. Up to 2 additional months may be spent on research.

Electives Include

  1. Endovascular neurology
  2. Intra-operative monitoring
  3. Vascular neurology
  4. Neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Neuro-oncology
  6. Neuromuscular
  7. Neuropathology
  8. Neuroimmunology
  9. Pain management
  10. Headache
  11. Neuro-otology
  12. Neuroradiology
  13. Multiple sclerosis
  14. Neuro-infectious/HIV
  15. Movement disorders
  16. Senior behavioral health
  17. Medical Education

Options to consider

No two residents spend their elective time in the same manner.

  • Residents also may elect work in psychiatry, neuropsychology, or neurosurgery.
  • Elective time is flexible and can be tailored to accomplish the individual resident's career goals.
  • Many residents spend part of their elective time doing research.
  • On occasion, residents do their electives at sites away from UC San Diego.