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ALS Translational Medicine Fellowship

We are accepting applications for fellowship. Find out how to apply below.


Chamindra Konersman, M.D.

John Ravits, M.D.

Duration & Scope of the Program

This is a 2-year fellowship, emphasizing clinical care, translational research, molecular pathology, gene therapies, genome science and molecular biology.

Start date: Generally July of each calendar year (but rolling admissions will be considered)

The program is designed for clinically trained neurologists who wish to join the current revolution in neurobiology and genomics, and learn the science that will guide the next generation of clinical neurology.

Already declared physician-scientists are of course perfectly matched for this fellowship, but candidates who are not so trained are not disadvantaged and encouraged to apply and get connected.

The fellowship will provide a mix of clinical, translational, neuropathological, genomic and molecular biological training and clinical trials methodology. During the first year, there will be broad exposure when we will help the fellow define his or her main interests and goals, and then foster his or her differentiation during the rest of the fellowship. A third year may be elected dependent on interests and funding.

The UC San Diego environment is rich and supportive and the fellows are expected to develop independence, creativity and confidence and to have full collaborations and interactions with basic scientists. The aim is to train physician-scientists for academic and pharmaceutical industry-directed medicine.

Additional information and sample schedule of rotations (PDF) 

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the clinical, neuropathological, pathophysiology, and genetic aspects of ALS
  • Gain a though understanding of phenotypes of ALS and frontotemporal dementia
  • Gain a thorough understanding of rehabilitative, multidisciplinary, and palliative care
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the power and limits of genomics and computational biology
  • Gain a general understanding in how clinical trials are structured and run
  • Understand new approaches, especially gene therapies and antisense oligonucleotides
  • Participate in biobanking and biorepositories and exploiting these for biomarkers and discovery of disease mechanisms
  • Learn about stem cell and regenerative medicine, which are also rapidly evolving in our center
  • Understand and appreciate the frontiers of human subjects research, translational medicine and the interface of medicine and science

How to Apply

Send your CV and letter of intent to:

John Ravits, M.D.


Clinical Faculty

John Ravits, M.D.
Chamindra Konersman, M.D.
Dominic Ferrey, M.D.
Betul Gundogdu, M.D.

Research Faculty

John Ravits, M.D.
Don Cleveland, Ph.D.
Larry Goldstein, Ph.D.
Martin Marsala, M.D.
Gene Yeo, Ph.D.