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Pediatric Research Program

Our Neuroimmunology Research Group has partnered with Rady Children's Hospital, where Dr. Jennifer Graves runs a pediatric MS neurology clinic, to investigate MS and related diseases in children.

PAW Study

The PAW study aims to investigate physical activity and wellness in pediatric neuroimmunological diseases through the use of physical activity questionnaires. This study will continue over the coming few years and consists of a few questionnaires completed at the time of a regularly-scheduled neurology visit. PAW is currently actively recruiting pediatric subjects.


The PERCEPTION study is an observational, multi-site pediatric research collaboration that investigates tests in ocular neuroimmunology. This study aims to analyze current methods of ocular testing in pediatric neuroimmunology, in order to determine better physiological markers and early identifiers of neuroimmunological diseases in children, as well as to better understand the progression of these diseases. PERCEPTION is currently actively recruiting pediatric subjects.

DietxRelapse Study

The Diet and Relapses Study is a pediatric study exploring the connection between rate of relapse and diet through the gut microbiome and amino acids found in the digestive tract. We hope to uncover the role that 25 (OH) vitamin D levels, fat and vegetable intake, and other nutrients take in the pediatric disease course, and to investigate the biological pathways relevant to this association.

Optional: By filling out a set of questionnaires, and a small blood draw, patients can help us to further understand pediatric MS.

PeMSDD Database Registry Study

PeMSDD is a database registry study linked to the Diet and Relapses study. This registry strives to describe the number and characteristics of patients with suspected early onset demyelinating disases. This database will help investigators allied with the National Pediatric MS Center to support hypothesis generation, and study design development.