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Areas of Research

  • Biological Aging, Genetic and Environmental factors in MS — studying factors that drive disease severity in multiple sclerosis and related diseases
  • Biosensing in Neurology — leveraging modern technology and biosensors to enhance neurological assessments and measurements of disease progression 
  • Visual System in Neuroimmunological Disease — identifying precise relationships between structural damage and functional outcomes

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COVID-19 Research

NeuCOVID Study

Our research group has partnered with a range of neurology specialists in order to investigate the longitudinal neurological impacts of COVID-19. Our NeuCOVID study aims to track neurological symptom and disease developments and changes over a 10-year period through neuropsychological metrics and detailed interviews.

We are currently accepting new participants. If you have been diangosed with COVID-19 and have experienced neurological symptoms (headaches, brain fog, anosmia, etc.) and would like to participate in our study, contact Gisselle Paez at


Clinical Trial Program

With a commitment to bring new therapies to our patients, we run a clinical trials program for MS and related diseases. Contact us directly for up-to-date information on enrolling studies.

More about our Clinical Trials

Pediatric Research Program

Our Neuroimmunology Research Group has partnered with Rady Children's Hospital, where Dr. Jennifer Graves runs a pediatric MS neurology clinic, to investigate MS and related diseases in children.

More about our Pediatric Research Program

The Team

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For interest in research participation, contact Annalise Miner or visit our Contact page.

For training opportunities and collaborations, contact Jennifer Graves, M.D., Ph.D., MAS.

Our collaborators