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Huntington's Disease Research & Clinical Trials

The HDCRC is active in clinical HD research. Participants include those affected with HD, individuals at-risk for HD, family members or friends, and normal control subjects. Studies include clinical drug trials, observational trials, neuropsychological studies, and genetic research.

Participate in a Clinical Trial

Whether you are facing HD yourself, or are an interested family member or friend, volunteer research subjects are needed. Opportunities are scheduled at the participant's convenience. 

See our list of current clinical trials

Clinical and Tissue Biomarker Research

Help us explore the relationships between the brain, tissue biomarkers, and cognitive, motoric, and behavioral functioning.

We are dedicated to understanding how HD affects the person's overall abilities. Areas of focus include learning and memory, attention, speech, balance, mood and other functions of the brain often affected by HD.

We study CSF, Salivary and Plasma proteins that change as the disease progresses.

To confirm clinical trial or study availability and/or to get additional information, please contact:

Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD
Phone: (858) 249-0568