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Parkinson's Disease Organizations

Other Movement Disorder Organizations


  • ADA Paratransit: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is federal law that requires public transit agencies to provide comparable services for persons with disabilities who are unable to use the bus or rail. An application must be submitted on their site.
  • Disabled Parking Placard: Most movement disorder patients can benefit from having a disabled parking placard or license plate issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The application must be completed by the patient and disability certification must be signed by the physician.

Botulinum Neurotoxin for Treatment

There are programs in place to help people access botulinum neurotoxin and to assist patients with or without medical insurance achieve appropriate reimbursement for their treatment.

Reimbursement Solutions & Patient Assistance Programs

  • Botox One Patient Support

    •  This program is for patients with commercial (non-federal or government plan, no Medicare or Federal Employees) insurance and offers reimbursement for out of pocket costs.

    • Existing specialty pharmacy users can apply for a copay savings card
  • MyAbbvie Assist
    • This program provides free botox from the manufacturer for patients that meet income requirements