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January 2023
  • Yixing Du joins the lab as a Research Scientist specialized in electrophysiology. Welcome Yixing!
  • Dr. Dore is now a core faculty member of the STARTneuro program.

December 2022

  • Dr. Dore is now officially an Assistant Professor! 
  • Andrew presents a poster at the 'Roger Tsien Cell Signaling Symposium'.    

November 2022

  • Paper on an Alzheimer's disease-associated variant of protein kinase C is now published in Nature communications (collaboration with the Newton lab)
  • Mehreen who finished her undergraduate studies in May 2022 is now a 'Neurosciences Lab Assistant'. Congrats and thanks for all your hard work Mey!  
  • Several members of the lab attend SFN 2022, Dr. Dore presents a poster with title: Blocking PSD-95 depalmitoylation rescues memory deficits in female APP/PS1 mice but not in males. 

October 2022

  • Dina Kianiazar and Haritha Karthikeyan join the lab as undergraduate volunteers. Welcome to the Dore lab! 
  • Dr. Dore is an invited speaker at West Virginia University (WVU). Talk title: Increasing PSD-95 palmitoylation, a way to prevent synaptic loss. 

August 2022

  • Dr. Dore attends the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii and gives a conference in a symposium on NMDA receptors along with Profs. Jesper Sjostrom and Roger Thompson. Talk title: Metabotropic NMDA receptor signaling in Alzheimer's disease.  

 ISN 2022

Summer 2022

  • Jenna Donher from UC Davis is a summer intern. Katie Prinkey joins the lab as a volunteer. 

March 2022

November 2021

  • Dr. Dore presents a special seminar at UCSD's Neurosciences department

 December 2021

  • Dr. Dore is an invited speaker at CERVO research center in Quebec city, Canada. Talk title: Targeting PSD-95 palmitoylation in Alzheimer's disease.

October 2021

  • Dr. Dore attends and presents a poster at the 'New horizons in AD' conference in Leuven, Belgium

August 2021

  • Mehreen Manikkoth joins the lab as an undergraduate volunteer

June 2021

May 2021

  • Dr. Dore R01 grant on PSD-95 palmitoylation is awarded!
  • Andrew Pham is hired as a Staff Research Associate