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March 2024

January 2024

  • Bowling lab holiday party; we also celebrate the departure of two amazing undergrads, Ian and Dina who worked on fluorescence lifetime imaging (Ian) and the APOE project (Dina). Thanks for all your hard work and good luck in your future endeavors!
  • Angela Snyder joins the lab as a Research Scientist specialized in electrophysiology and imaging. Welcome Angela!
  • bowling holiday

November 2023

  • The lab welcomes four new undergraduate volunteers: Celeste, Tania, Maureen and Emily
  • Shayne presents a poster at SFN in Washington D.C. on long-term depression in APP/PS1 mice
  • shayne presenting
September 2023
  • Dr. Hemanth Kumar Boyina receives a 6-months fellowship to work in the Dore lab on characterizing a protective mutation in the depalmitoylating enzyme ABHD17a. Welcome Hemanth!
August 2023
  • Katie, Dina and Shayne present at the 'Summer Research Conference'
  • presenters
  • The lab hosts STARTneuro scholars for their capstone research projects

June 2023
  • Andrew and Mey leave the lab to pursue their dream of becoming doctors. Andrew will start medical school at UCSF and Mey at the University of Michigan. Congratulations to you two and the biggest thank you for all you've done for the lab!!!
  • Lab BBQ to celebrate Andrew and Meylab bbq
  • Katie becomes our new lab assistant after graduating and being an awesome volunteer for more than a year. Welcome Katie!
January 2023
  • Yixing Du joins the lab as a Research Scientist specialized in electrophysiology. Welcome Yixing!
  • Dr. Dore is now a core faculty member of the STARTneuro program.

December 2022

  • Dr. Dore is now officially an Assistant Professor! 
  • Andrew presents a poster at the 'Roger Tsien Cell Signaling Symposium'.    

November 2022

  • Paper on an Alzheimer's disease-associated variant of protein kinase C is now published in Nature communications (collaboration with the Newton lab)
  • Mehreen who finished her undergraduate studies in May 2022 is now a 'Neurosciences Lab Assistant'. Congrats and thanks for all your hard work Mey!  
  • Several members of the lab attend SFN 2022, Dr. Dore presents a poster with title: Blocking PSD-95 depalmitoylation rescues memory deficits in female APP/PS1 mice but not in males. 

October 2022

  • Dina Kianiazar and Haritha Karthikeyan join the lab as undergraduate volunteers. Welcome to the Dore lab! 
  • Dr. Dore is an invited speaker at West Virginia University (WVU). Talk title: Increasing PSD-95 palmitoylation, a way to prevent synaptic loss. 

August 2022

  • Dr. Dore attends the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii and gives a conference in a symposium on NMDA receptors along with Profs. Jesper Sjostrom and Roger Thompson. Talk title: Metabotropic NMDA receptor signaling in Alzheimer's disease.  

 ISN 2022

Summer 2022

  • Jenna Dohner from UC Davis is a summer intern. Katie Prinkey joins the lab as a volunteer. 

March 2022

December 2021

  • Dr. Dore is an invited speaker at CERVO research center in Quebec city, Canada. Talk title: Targeting PSD-95 palmitoylation in Alzheimer's disease.

November 2021

  • Dr. Dore presents a special seminar at UCSD's Neurosciences department

October 2021

  • Dr. Dore attends and presents a poster at the 'New horizons in AD' conference in Leuven, Belgium

August 2021

  • Mehreen Manikkoth joins the lab as an undergraduate volunteer

June 2021

May 2021

  • Dr. Dore R01 grant on PSD-95 palmitoylation is awarded!
  • Andrew Pham is hired as a Staff Research Associate