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Opportunities for Post Doctoral Scholars and Graduate Students to join our lab!


The Gleeson lab would like to recruit promising molecular neuroscientists to work on challenging, exciting and fun projects in the area of neurodevelopment. Position offers an amazing opportunity to work in the premier San Diego research community, with a dynamic group of scientists and an emphasis on genetics and high-throughput approaches. Our lab works with ever growing cohorts of human conditions involving human brain development. Researchers work alongside others on independent projects  as part of a larger network of researchers involved in these studies. Scientists receive training in the area of human phenotying, pedigree analysis, next generation sequencing, stem cell biology, transcriptomics, epigenomics, chemical biology and genomics.  Most projects involve aspects of advanced cellular biology, induced pluripotent stem cell modeling, primary neuronal culture, animal models, advanced high-resolution microscopy, and proteomics. Because we are in a highly-interactive and collaborative environment as part of the La Jolla biomedical research community, fellows frequently spend time working in collaborating labs to gain additional expertise. With these diverse training opportunities, many of our trainees have gone on to competitive positions at top research institutions. Experience in cellular biology, molecular biology or genetics is a plus. Please contact Joseph G. Gleeson.


Next-generation sequencing has helped uncover important roles for genes in human disease, but many important questions remain that will require evolving computational methodology. Position are available in the Gleeson lab for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a computational background interested in applying their knowledge to a range of important biomedical questions. Researchers will work alongside the human genetics team generating and analyzing DNA or RNA sequence data from a variety of application and help develop computational systems for analysis. Specific work will focus on the analysis of patterns of genetic variants using whole genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and single cell sequencing datasets to understand human disease and genetic variation. The successful candidate will have solid computational skills including experience with PERL/Python/Java/C++, UNIX/LINUX, R/MATLAB programs as well as experience in gene expression, genetic variation analysis, integration with the Human Genome Browser and genetic databases. Experience in molecular biology and high-throughput approaches are a plus. Please contact Joseph G. Gleeson.