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Center for Multiscale Imaging of Brain Function

Our goal is to enable the interpretation of noninvasive brain imaging signals in terms of the underlying cellular, molecular, and neuronal circuit activity. This will be achieved through development/implementation of novel instrumentation, engineering of specific probes, and system-level analysis/modeling. Application of these technologies will lead to better understanding of normal human brain function and new ways of treating brain disorders

Released Presentations

Sandra Brown (Vice Chancellor for Research, UCSD) Welcome Address

David Boas (Boston University) Reverse engineering of fMRI signals

Joseph Mandeville (MGH) Imaging cerebral blood volume, flow, and oxygenation with fMRI: part 1part 2part 3.

Eric Wong (UCSD) Nanodevice-mediated fMRI of electrical activity, and computer modeling of whole brain fMRI dynamics (no sound first 2.3 min)

Adrian Lozada (UCSD) Realization of optical cell-based reporters for in vivo detection of neurotransmitters

Christopher Ferri (UCSD) Multicolor 2-photon excitation for brighter optical probes

Kıvılcım KILIÇ and Lorraine Hossain (UCSD) Towards optical windows with integrated electrode arrays for chronic multimodal electrophysiological/optical recordings

Martin Thunemann (UCSD) Deep 2-photon microscopy and optogenetics to dissect mechanisms of cell-type-specific cerebrovascular regulation