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Research Studies: Healthy Volunteers

Currently Enrolling Studies

4-Repeat Tauopathy Neuroimaging Initiative - Cycle 2 (4RTNI-2)

  • This study is investigating the best method of analysis to track patients with corticobasal syndrome, corticobasal degeneration, progressive supranuclear palsy, and oligo- or variant-progressive supranuclear palsy. The results will provide information about the value of novel imaging techniques for diagnosis and value of novel imaging techniques in comparison to biofluid biomarkers.

  • The data collected from healthy volunteers will be used to understand how CBS, CBD, PSP and o/vPSP progress in comparison to healthy aging.

  • The study will collect detailed clinical information, biofluids, and imaging data from individuals with corticobasal degeneration and progressive supranuclear palsy. There will be one visit every six months for a year (a total of three visits over one year). Oligo- or variant- progressive supranuclear palsy, and healthy participants will be asked for an additional visit approximately one year after the third visit (adding up to four visits over two years). A study partner is required.

Non-invasive Continuous Ultrasonic Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • This research study is evaluating the use of continuous blood pressure monitor ultrasonic patch to learn more about orthostatic hypotension.

  • The study is recruiting healthy volunteers and individuals with Hypotension, Prehypertension and Stage 1 or 2 hypertension.

Real-Time Levodopa Level Monitoring in Parkinson's disease

  • The project aims to develop a continuous, minimally invasive microneedle device called the "Levodopameter," which is designed to continuously measure levodopa levels in real-time with the future goals of identifying an individualized treatment regimen for Parkinson's disease patients to improve disease management.

  • This study is recruiting participants with Parkinson's disease as well as healthy volunteers.


For more information about our center's research studies, contact our Clinical Research Manager:

Jo Talledo Benrubi 

(858) 246-2505