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Research Studies: Multiple System Atrophy

Currently Enrolling Studies

A Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of ATH434-201 to determine efficacy, safety and tolerability in patients with MSA (2)

  • To assess the efficacy of the study drug (ATH434) in patients with MSA
  • To assess whether the study drug (ATH434) is save and tolerable in patients with MSA
  • Currently enrolling adults aged 30 to 75 with a confirmed diagnosis of MSA

CYPRESS: A Phase 3, Multi-center, Randomized Withdrawal and Long-Term Extension Study of Ampreloxetine for the Treatment of Symptomatic Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension in Participants with Multiple System Atrophy 

  • To evaluate the efficacy and durability of ampreloxetine in participants with MSA and symptomatic Neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, feeling light-headed, feeling faint, feeling like blacking out)  compared with placebo
  •  This study is currently recruiting participants over the age of 30 with MSA

Ongoing Studies Currently Closed to Enrollment

AMULET: Interventional, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled, Multi-Center Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Lu AF82122 in Patients with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

  • The study is testing a drug called Lu AF82422 to evaluate its efficacy on disease progression in patients with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).
  • Autonomic symptoms should have been present for no more than 5 years at time of screening
  • Between ages of 40 and 75


For any questions please contact our research manager, Ileana Rubio at (858) 246-2505 or



For more information about our center's research studies, contact our Clinical Research Manager:

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