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Events & Updates

New Microscopy Core Resource!

Zeiss Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM

  • Resolve structures down to 60 nm.
  • Observe live cell dynamics at up to 255 fps.
  • Accelerate image acquisition in all three dimensions.
  • Get the sharpest sectioning in wide-field microscopy.
  • Utilize a wealth of imaging techniques on one platform.

Elyra 7 SIM resolution

New Slide Scanner Available

We are excited to announce new to the Microscopy Core, the Olympus VS200 Slide Scanner. The new sliding scanning system is superior in fluorescence capabilities. 

Leica Center of Excellence

The UC San Diego School of Medicine Microscopy Core is now a Leica Center of Excellence! We have three Leica systems that are supported by Leica:

Leica Representative Onsite

A Leica representative can come onsite for assistance as requested

Core staff are available during business hours to answer any questions regarding all core resources and techniques

Webinars, Seminars and Demonstrations




Microscopy Seminar Series

UC San Diego School of Medicine Microscopy Seminar Series will be cancelled until further notice. We will reschedule seminars once concerns are lessened.