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About UC San Diego School of Medicine Microscopy Core

Microscopy Core was initially established in 2004 to meet the imaging needs of research laboratories at the UC San Diego School of Medicine (SOM). Currently we serve labs at the SOM, general campus as well as sister institutions and local companies.

Our Offerings

We offer access to well maintained, high end instrumentation and software that may not be available in individual laboratories. We have 15 microscope systems ranging from super resolution solutions to live cell imaging and electron microscopy. We also offer specialized histology services such as Neuro Histology, CLARITY and Array Tomography. Our experts provide consultation and guidance with everything relating to imaging, image analysis and histology. See our resource offerings. 

The Core is conveniently located in the heart of the School of Medicine.

Leica Center of Excellence

We are proud to be a Leica Center of Excellence and host to three high end Leica microscopy systems with the following capabilities:

  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • STED
  • FLIM
  • FRET
  • FRAP
  • White Light Laser
  • Super Resolution
  • Resonant Scanning

Our Partners

We partner with the Moores Cancer Center Microscopy Core to meet the imaging needs at both the Main Campus and the Cancer Center campus.

We also closely partner with the EM Core Facility to provide multiscale microscopy services. An NINDS P30 core grant (NS047101) is used to subsidize the rates for P30 sponsored members.

Our Management

The Microscopy Core is managed by Jennifer Santini, with faculty supervision by Dr. Binhai Zheng (Neurosciences), in consultation with the Microscopy Core Faculty Steering Committee.

Future Directions

  • Implementing FLIM and STED Microscopy
  • Increase the instrumentation and technology available to UC San Diego researchers in the field of microscopy
  • Expand our current capabilities with Correlative Microscopy and Correlative Array Tomography

All publications generated utilizing our resources must cite our grant:

NINDS P30NS047101