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Microscopy Core Resources

Microscopy Techniques

  • Super Resolution - STED, Lightning, Traditional SIM, Airyscan, Lattice SIM
  • FLIM
  • Array Tomography
  • Correlative Microscopy
  • Serial Block Face Sectioning EM
  • SEM and TEM
  • Confocal and Airyscan Confocal
  • Light Sheet
  • Deconvolution
  • Spinning Disk Confocal
  • TIRFM - Ring TIRF and Classic TIRF
  • Widefield
  • Slide Scanning
  • Live Cell Imaging
Microscopy Services

Histology Techniques

  • Array Tomography
  • EM fixation and embedding
Histology Services

Software Packages

  • Volocity
  • Imaris
  • Image Pro Premier
  • Arivis

Contact us to schedule a tour of the facility, demonstration of a specific system, or meeting to discuss which technology will best suit your experimental needs. You must be affiliated with an established laboratory or For-profit corporation for access to our resources. No residential addresses will be accepted as a laboratory. You must also provide a current approved BUA and/or animal protocol. 

If you wish to do any live cell imaging in the core, you must have approval by submitting a BUA authorization form to core staff along with a copy of your BUA report listing the proposed research material.

All publications generated utilizing our resources must cite our grant:

NINDS P30NS047101

If the Elyra 7 Lattice SIM Instrument was utilized, please cite our S10 grant: